Critical Review Maria G Posa


I  am glad to see and comment the work of an exciting  artist like Maria G Posa.

I appreciate her noteworthy ability in the representation of elements, figures and characters all portrayed  with great technical skill and personal meaning.


Her painting is a response to a research about the  human figure and  the natural world fleeting nature. Her creative process starts after a maturation  journey where the figure and the biological shape become the suitable vehicle to address and talk to the general public.


It is very important that her work reaches an universal language, a language  perceivable in some works of her of pictorial exuberance, where the predominant colour is red, that colour which moves itself like a deposit inside a vegetal anatomy and flows from that innate  intelligence which informs and instils her work.


Through her art Maria G involves the spectator, communicates the importance of her painting and through the richness of the technique enchantes;surrounds and supports him naturally in a visual experience of continuity, through the change in the shape perception and is certainly able to evoke a conflict of emotions and jocosity.


And in that fleeting  moment she transforms every painting in  a personal story.


The Artist has a surely distinctive painting style, a style which offers a sense of complexity, power and passion to the figures she sketches without compromises.


She is a direct character having the effect of filling her subjects with personality.


I like the elegance of her pictures in evolution left in that state of staticity and the search in demonstrating the unity between mankind and nature which work together, without overbearing each another.

Two worlds linked  in an entirely subjective vision.


The combination of nostalgic or familiar elements  in her paintings wants to transmit a sense of safety, a safety bringing balance to her work and inside life difficulties which are her humanity proof. The nostalgia represents a perturbant atemporality for the Artist, an anchor supplying a sense of stability and which leads her to another moment of her life where to lose herself in the innocence age.


The painting process so becomes balance between colour and content, leaving small space to interpretation and much space to suggestion.

The color wheel is frequently present in her work as a circle repetition and excluding some elements of the external world, regulates the events for the inner world shapes and manages to point out  imagination and emotion in a predominant way.



Maria Grazia Todaro